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Crest's counselors are experienced and well trained in their field.  We work with individuals, families, couples and groups. We utilize treatments which are research-based and proven effective. 

We feel positive about our services and are energized by the opportunity to work with you and your family.   Upon contacting Crest, we’ll discuss your needs and collaboratively determine which of our qualified professionals is best suited to serve you.


Sally Juska is our primary counselor working with children.  As her bio displays, she has a strong history in this area.  Counseling children is unique because "traditional" therapy doesn't work with children.  They require a strong, trusting relationship, creative treatment modalities and a keen understanding of appropriate developmental behavior. We work with children and their families to help set goals, revise and improve behavior  based upon greater trust and self-confidence. This is achieved by working with the child on a one to one basis, meeting with parents and guardians without the child present and often, bringing the entire family together to discuss ways the family can work as one unit.


Dr. Gillespie and Esther Auerbach are Crest's primary adolescent therapists.  They work with adolescents who experience social, emotional and behavioral problems.  Adolescents are an underserved population in the field of counseling.  Often, therapists don't feel comfortable working with adolescents because they behave immaturely while possessing the mental abilities of an adult.  The transition into adulthood is incredibly complicated.  Adolescents have incredibly high rates of depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation, self-harm, substance abuse and eating disorders.  

Dr. Gillespie works with adolescents who experience difficulty abusing drugs and/or alcohol.  While many are not addicted to the substances they use or abuse, it's important to examine the reasons for use.  When working with adolescents experimenting with drugs and alcohol, it's important to put a direct plan for improvement into place. This simple behavioral intervention helps to create a new reality and form good decision making for the future.

Sally Juska is also works with adolescents suffering from eating disorders.  She has shared her battle with eating disorders to a variety of audiences and has found a sub-speciality within this field.  She works very well both individually and in group with adolescent females battling eating disorders and displays a keen sense as to when to refer to inpatient treatment.

Much like children, family intervention is key to successful adolescent treatment.  While respecting client confidentiality we work with parents to help them understand the inner-workings of their child. We set up parent meetings every one to two months in order to monitor progress and expectations.


Dr. Gillespie and Esther Auerbach are Crest's primary adult therapists.  Both clinicians have worked extensively with adults and effectively treat clients suffering from mood, anxiety and personality disorders.  All clients benefit from a strong client/patient relationship.  Adults will find that both of our adult therapists are direct and forthcoming in therapy while exhibiting an empathec demeanor. This means we care, but aren't afraid to be tough.  Especially with adults, therapy should be challenging and progress is essential.

Career Counseling

Whether you are starting your first job, considering a career change, assessing your options for your future, or looking for help to become a more competitive applicant, Crest can help.  

Marissa Deitch, VP of Career Counseling has helped thousands of individuals develop and implement career goals.  The goal of career counseling at Crest is to help you identify your values, skills and unique talents, assess your current situation, focus on possibilities, enhance your marketability and help you design effective future career development strategies.  We believe that career satisfaction is essential to overall life happiness. At Crest, you will be provided with a career development plan with specific goals and exercises based upon your needs.


We offer study-skill classes, SAT preparation classes, High School entrance exam classes and individual tutoring.  Crest employs top-notch Masters and Doctoral level educators to help students of all ages.  Our subject specific tutors are carefully selected for their experience and success in each specific subject.  We offer tutoring in all areas of elementary and High School Academia.

Writing seminars are available upon request.  Clients are also encouraged to submit papers to one of our educators for review and revision. These services are available but not limited to high school and college papers.  Our career counselor, Marissa Deitch regularly critiques and reviews graduate school essays.

Psycho-Educational Testing

The educational and psychological communities are beginning to learn how the mind processes information.  Testing is available through Crest to help diagnose possible learning differences, attention issues or to simply help identify the most effective way a particular person learns. 

Dr. Marie McGrath serves as our testing psychologist.  She's an award winning psychologist who teaches assessment at the doctoral level at Immaculata University.  She'll help you to understand the ways to learn at an optimal level and will provide suggestions to help clients use this information in school or every day living.

Students who require accommodations such as extended time in-school as well as on standardized tests are encouraged to call for initial assistance.  It's worth noting that school districts should provide some of these services as well. 


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